Mastering the Resume and the Cover Letter

Since the economic downturn of 2008, market rules have changed and so should the approach to positioning oneself in the job market. The resume and cover letter are the essential documents for attracting the attention of potential employers – provided they do not get discarded in the first ten seconds. Based on the most current research, “Mastering the Resume and Cover Letter” defines marketing principals and the rules of effective resume and cover letter writing. Upon completion, participants will know:
– How to approach each section of one’s resume as an advertising campaign: tools for strategic thinking when marketing one’s skills in a documented format and for showcasing one’s achievements in a way that stands out
– The post 2008 do’s and dont’s for organizing, formatting and writing resumes
– How to deal with employment gaps and employ transferable skills
– How to approach the cover letter and its various sections (introduction, body, conclusion)
Finally, this workshop will address the use of the search engine for selecting online job services and uploading resumes and cover letters online.