Michelle Murphy-Ellison

My life began over 40 years ago in New Orleans, LA.  That is where I learned that any student can learn and make achievements given the opportunity and high expectations along with consistency, teaching and guidance.  All most students need is an environment in which to grow and mature emotionally and educationally.  I believe that in my life,  I was made to create an environment in which people can listen and learn from both my own and their own experiences.  I also seek to improve myself every day.  I even more strongly believe that every person is a unique individual who needs a caring and stimulating environment to foster their learning and growth.

As a teacher, I feel it is my responsibility to meet the student wherever he or she is and move them along to achieve more and more as the time progresses.  When the student’s needs are met, they will feel comfortable enough to express themselves and then gain more respect from their classmates, the teacher, and maybe even more confidence in themselves.

Teaching, counseling, presenting and life coaching gives me the opportunity to witness the future develop into whatever the student would like it to be.  I share with my clients and/or students as they share with me.  I see my job as very serious and one of my joys and hopes is to instill a love for learning within each one of my students.  I am such a person that will always strive to be the best educator/presenter/counselor that I can be.  I try to get my students to believe in themselves just as much, if not even more than when I believe in them.  As I always tell my students, “Don’t tell me what you can’t do, show me what you can do.”

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Email: mimurphy.2022@gmail.com