Awareness/Solutions is a consulting and educational organization.  It emerged out of the Business Women’s Forum, founded in 1997 by Connie J. Tipado. The organization provides lectures, workshops, training programs, webinars/online programs, and coaching to businesses, educational institutions, as well as to wellness centers across the United States.

At Awareness/Solutions we offer a tailored curriculum for your business, institution or organization, private and public. Our team have researched, built, and currently present on an array of topics covering many of the dilemmas and problems each of us face at various points in our professional and personal paths. Our workshops, seminars and training programs will be an on-going asset directly benefitting your business, as well as the personal life of you and your employees /clients.



Why chose us?

  • We have the expertise. It’s just that simple. Combined, we have a solid knowledge in corporate training, career planning and professional development, financial planning, communications and PR, computers and technology, education, culture and diversity, women’s leadership, psychology, social work, health, wellness and personal growth.
  • We have the experience and understand very well the pressure and challenges of the modern-day professional.
  • We deliver in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Because we care.

Be Aware! Have a Solution!